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What can Grid Kit do for you?

Photo Gallery

Make a Photo or Portfolio Gallery from your pictures, projects or YouTube videos

Photo Album

Make an Album from your photo galleries, portfolio projects or YouTube videos

YouTube Video Gallery

Make a Video Gallery from your YouTube videos

Mixed Video & Photo Content

You can mix the content and have YouTube videos along with your pictures within your grids

Client & Sponsor Logos

Now you can showcase your client or sponsor logos with few clicks without coding

Team Members

You have a team and you want to let your clients know about that, showcase your Team Members with Grid Kit

Grid, Masonry & Puzzle Style Layouts

Grid Layout

Make your pictures look like an ordinary grid

Masonry Layout

Using this type of layouts you can showcase your items within masonry, like Pinterest style layouts

Dynamic Puzzle Layout

Make your pictures look like a puzzle

Embedded Popup & Social Share Extensions

Light Popup

If you want to open a Popup and show gallery / album content within it, Grid Kit supports embedded functionality for this 

Fullscreen Popup

You need a Full Screen Popup with advanced functionality, e.g. slideshow, thumbnail scroller, paging… Then, this functionality implemented for you

Social Sharing

Share your portfolio projects or gallery photos with your friends on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter…

Filtration, Pagination & Lazy Load

Category Filtration

Divide your projects into categories and filter them


Paginate your projects if they you have many of them

Lazy Loading

Enable lazy loading to see the loaded items loading progress

100+ Predefined Styles & Hover Animations

7+ Image Hover Animations

Choose one of available image hover effects

24+ Overlay Hover Animations

Checkout the overlay’s hover animations

25+ Details Hover Animations

Checkout the title & description animations

14+ Hover Buttons Animations

Checkout the overlay’s hover buttons animations

24+ Share Buttons Animations

Checkout the social sharing buttons animations

10+ Category Bar Styles

Choose one of available category bar styles

10+ Pagination Bar Styles

Choose one of available pagination bar styles