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How to update GridKIT Premium when it’s marked as expired? 2023-10-15T11:54:00+00:00

To update GridKIT Premium when it’s marked as “expired,” you need to either renew your existing license from your WordPress dashboard or purchase a new license key to receive the latest updates.

What could be the reason for displaying “[gkit id=34]” instead of my intended layout? 2023-10-15T11:51:29+00:00

Please ensure that the GridKIT plugin is enabled in your Plugins section. This issue may arise if you’ve intentionally disabled our plugin for any reason and forgotten to re-enable it.

What occurs if I discontinue my annual subscription? 2023-10-15T11:48:16+00:00

If you discontinue your annual subscription, you can continue using the plugin as is, and we won’t disrupt anything on your end. However, please be aware that you will no longer receive future plugin updates. It will be your responsibility to ensure your environment remains compatible and secure, especially if you decide to upgrade your WordPress, or install new plugins or themes in the future.

Can I cancel my membership anytime? 2023-10-15T11:45:35+00:00

Yes, you have the option to cancel your premium membership at any time. Following the cancellation, you can continue to use the plugin as is after your membership expires, but it’s important to note that you will no longer receive essential plugin updates, such as compatibility improvements, security enhancements, optimization, and new features.

Is it recommended to opt for auto-renewal at checkout? 2023-10-15T11:41:29+00:00

Yes, it’s recommended. By enabling auto-renewal, you ensure that you receive continuous updates, safeguarding against missing critical updates, including compatibility with WordPress and security enhancements.

Is it possible to categorically filter images and videos? 2023-10-15T11:33:59+00:00

Certainly, by adding categories to your images and videos, you enable your visitors to efficiently filter and access your content.

Does photo galleries have pagination? 2023-10-15T11:31:23+00:00

Certainly, our photo galleries include pagination, enhancing the user experience by breaking down the content into manageable pages for easier navigation.

Are the layouts created by GridKIT mobile-friendly? 2023-10-15T11:11:56+00:00

Yes, the layouts generated by GridKIT are fully mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for users on various devices.

Which themes are compatible with? 2023-10-15T11:07:59+00:00

GridKIT is compatible with all major WordPress themes, following WordPress guidelines for seamless performance. If you encounter issues, contact our support team for assistance.

Is manual action required to transfer my local website to a production server? 2023-10-15T11:14:27+00:00

No, you don’t need to worry. The plugin dynamically generates picture URLs, so when you migrate your website from localhost to production, everything should function smoothly without any issues.

Can I use custom CSS? 2023-10-15T11:18:10+00:00

Yes, you can! If you go to the portfolio/grid settings section, you’ll see an input where you can write your custom CSS codes to customize the default behavior.

What mens “Cannot redeclare activation_hook()”? 2023-10-15T11:19:47+00:00

Before installing Premium version, please make sure you’ve successfully uninstalled Free version. You can’t use Free & Premium version together.

Note: your data will not be lost when you uninstall Free version, everything will be right back as soon as you activate your key!

Can I show multiple grids per page? 2023-10-15T11:22:56+00:00

The feature of having multiple grids on a single page is exclusively available in the Premium version of the GridKIT plugin. To acquire it, please follow this link. Once you have it, you can effortlessly add as many grids to your pages as desired!

How should I install the Premium version? 2023-10-15T11:25:39+00:00

Once you bought the premium package, you will receive a confirmation email with a link and license key.

Download the zip package of GridKIT plugin, then uninstall the Free version and install the Premium version via WordPress’s admin panel without unzipping it.
More details regarding installation process checkout in our documentation.

What does “1 site usage” mean in the standard license? 2023-10-15T11:27:32+00:00

“1 website usage” implies that the standard package of this plugin can be utilized on a single website or domain. However, the extended license grants you the flexibility to apply this plugin to as many as 5 websites.

Why is the loading stuck at 0%? 2023-10-15T11:29:39+00:00

For some reasons the grid cannot be loaded on your website, and loading bar freezes on 0%. You can try to turn the “Lazy loading” option off from your Settings section, located under the “Advanced” subsection. If you still have issues just contact our support team here , and you will get your problem fixed in a timely manner.