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Refund Policy

When you buy any product from WPSofts, your purchase is covered by 15-day money-back guarantee. If you’ve bought Lifetime license and for any reason the product doesn’t work on your environment as advertised and we’re unable to resolve it, we will cheerfully issue  full refund. Sometimes we issue partial refund up to 50%, if our tech support does customizations based on your request or provides time consuming support. If you’ve Monthly subscription, then you can cancel it anytime you wish, but the recent charged fee isn’t refundable. Also, the recent renewal fee isn’t refundable too (e.g. you bought a Lifetime license and kept the ” Auto-renew license included 1 year plugin updates & support” option enabled). Any chargeback or refund request terminates your license and you’ll not be able to use it until you’ll buy a new one! We develop and sell software that we use ourselves every day and have thousands of satisfied Premium customers worldwide. That is why we can afford to back our products with this special guarantee.

You’re eligible to request a refund if it meets the followings:

  • You request a refund within 15 days of your purchase, except any renewals
  • You bought Lifetime license, Monthly subscriptions aren’t refundable
  • You request a refund if the item doesn’t function as advertised and we’re unable to provide a resolution to you
  • You’ve allowed us to investigate and understand the issue you’ve been experiencing, prior requesting a refund
  • You can’t request 100% refund, but up to 50%, if a) our tech support did customizations based on your request or b) provided time consuming support or c) you’ve entered invalid personal details (e.g. email address) and didn’t receive a confirmation email

You’re eligible to cancel subscriptions:

  • You can contact anytime to cancel any subscription. But you’re not eligible to request a refund for the recent charged fee.

IMPORTANT: Any chargeback or refund request terminates your license and you’ll not be able to use it until you’ll buy a new one!

FYI: We don’t provide a Trial-ware license at this moment! But before buying a Lifetime license, you can have a Monthly subscription, to check if the item meets all your needs and expectations. Then you can cancel your subscription anytime to upgrade to Lifetime one if you wish.

All approved refund requests we process immediately, sometimes it could take up to 15 days you’ll see in your bank / account records placed back!